Our service covers a wide spectrum of services some of them are as follows:

Back Office Services

  • Administrative Services
  • Data Entry Services
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Data Mining Services
  • E-Mail Answering Support
  • Forms Processing Services
  • Web Research Services
  • Other Back Office Services

Back Office Services is one of our key service we cater to our clients, we have provided Virtual Workforce solutions to our clients based through out world. We are able to provide various back office services in reasonable rates, various administrative services comes under this section (some services we cover up in back office support: data entry, web research, data mining, quality control, email marketing, email answering etc).

Most of the time client hire number of dedicated operators from us which may include data entry operators to project managers, it’s sure we deliver quality services in affordable rates as we have number of experienced staff ready to handle work pressure within short span of time.

We can provide complete back-office in reasonable rates as we have a team of experienced Sr.managers and data entry operators who can handle work pressure easily. We also prepare custom back-office solutions for our clients, if you need any back office services please feel free to contact us or use our free quote services to get a rough estimate.